a Camera Assistant and
author of The Black and Blue

Evan Luzi is a freelance camera assistant working professionally within the film industry. He is also the editor of The Black and Blue, a website devoted to filmmaking tips and tricks.

about evan luzi

Hello, my name is Evan. I’m a freelance camera assistant and film professional with a passion for making movies. I have extensive experience working on all types of film productions – from commercials to features – and I’m skilled with a multitude of cameras and filmmaking gear.

I first got my start in the film industry as the 2nd Assistant Camera on a low-budget feature film called “Ghosts Don’t Exist.” Since then I’ve worked on several features, short films, and commercials with some of the most advanced cameras like the ARRI Alexa and RED Epic.

I prefer to work fast, under pressure, and with people that challenge me to improve my craft.

As a camera assistant (AC), I work closely with the director of photography (DP) to help capture the director’s vision. Our tools to do this are the camera and the lens. While the DP is occupied lighting, us camera assistants are expected to make the most important logistical and technical decisions in the best interests of the camera department and the production.

Basically, my job as an AC is to take care of any technical aspects of the camera so the cinematographer can focus on the creative aspects. And I work hard at that job.

If you are looking to hire me for a shoot, or if you’d just like to say hello, please feel free to contact me! And thank you for stopping by my website.

production experience

  • Assistant Camera, "New York Water Taxi Promo" RED EPIC – commercial (DP Kuni Ohi)
  • Assistant Camera, "Australian Open 'Roddick,'" RED One – spec commercial (DP Kuni Ohi)
  • Assistant Camera, "Longwood 'Dream College,'" Canon 7D – commercial (DP Kuni Ohi)
  • Assistant Camera, "Rappahanock Electric," RED One MX – commercial (DP Kuni Ohi)
  • 1st Assistant Camera, "Speak Now," RED One MX – short (DP Kuni Ohi)
  • Assistant Camera, "Secrets," Canon 7D – spec sommercial (DP Kuni Ohi)
  • Assistant Camera, "St. Catherine's," Canon 7D – corporate (DP Kuni Ohi)
  • Assistant Camera, "Mattress Warehouse," RED One – commercial (DP John Grove)
  • Assistant Camera, "Holiday Dog BTS," Canon 7D – commercial docu (DP Kuni Ohi)
  • Assistant Camera, "Give Richmond," Canon 7D – commercial (DP Kuni Ohi)
  • 2nd Assistant Camera, "God & Vodka," RED One – short (DP Pedro Ciampolini)
  • 1st Assistant Camera, "Kidnapping 101," Arri ALEXA – short (DP Kuni Ohi)
  • 1st Assistant Camera, "Red Herring," RED One – feature (DP Kuni Ohi)
  • 1st Assistant Camera, "Heather," RED One - short (DP Kuni Ohi)
  • 1st Assistant Camera, "Taking Stock," Varicam – short (DP Kuni Ohi)
  • 1st Assistant Camera, "Party Favors," RED One – short (DP Andrew Hubbard)
  • 1st Assistant Camera, "Beta to the Max," RED One – short (DP Kuni Ohi)
  • 2nd Assistant Camera, "Ghosts Don't Exist," RED One – feature (DP Kuni Ohi)
  • Data Management, "VoTech National Guard," Canon 7D – corporate (DP Cucillo Consad)
  • AC/Data Loader, "iDiplomacy," HVX/P2– docu (DP Jonathan Wenstrup)
  • Camera Utility, "Below the Beltway," RED One – feature (DP Adam Silver)

camera expertise

ARRI Alexa, RED Epic, RED Scarlet, RED One, RED One MX, Canon 5D, Canon 7D, Phantom Miro, GoPro Hero2 / Hero3, Sony EX-1 / EX-3, Panasonic Varicam, and more (ask for details).


Complete AC toolkit with over 100 essential tools such as clapperboard/slate, camera tape, and lens cleaning supplies. All within a Cinebag CB-01 Production Bag. Also available for use is a 2010 MacBook Pro for limited on-set data management/processing. Will travel with kit.


B.A., Communication, Film and Media Theory
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg, VA - 2010

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